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Requiem of Dreams is a Digichat-based online RPG site set in Seattle, and we're looking for Storytellers.

We're looking specifically for Storytellers for the following teams: Mortals, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, and Demon: The Fallen.
  • We also support Hunter: The Reckoning and Changeling: The Dreaming, so while applications will be accepted for those venues as well, our emphasis for now is on those mentioned above.
  • We're also shortly opening the "Second City Project," which is an application-based secondary setting for characters of all stripes who aren't otherwise permitted in the main setting. Sabbat, wraiths, Technocrats, Fera, mummies, Kuei-jin, etc. The SCP will be more player-driven, but that doesn't obviate the need for Storytellers.

Preference will be given to people who have experience in an RPG chat environment, particularly if you've been a Storyteller previously.

Please send applications to Succubus with your preferred venue and your chat experience.

(Forgive me for the crosspost. Sent to vampiretm, garou_nation, spysdemise, demonthefallen)

Pacts Eternal: Damned or simply decieved?
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Below is something i wrote up for the players in my longstanding game, i hope people find it helpful.

What is a pact?

A pact, specifically between a mortal and a celestial, is a matter of faith and belief in its purist form. It is thru the cultivation of a close relationship that a mortal might be brought to trust the fallen enough to have a shot at a pact. The moment when the deal is proposed can take countless shapes, but the whole affair holds a few basic requirements. There are also a few options when it comes to the end of this devil's bargain.

Power to Offer:
The mortal must clearly believe that that the being/force they are forging a pact with has power to fulfil their desire. They might think they are dealing with a proxy like the "emissary of the forest spirit" or "mouthpiece of the dread lord". All that matters is that they need to believe that the spirit can give then the immortality of the black forest or that the dread lord could elevate them to power.

The Demon's Side:
The fallen must provide more then just power, but also any other portions of the bargain struck. Any violations of these conditions effectively shatters the bond of faith, the mortal firmly believing both consciously and unconsciously that such a pact functions in that manner. If a thrall bargained for a safe word which would stop the demon's actions, then the demon can ignore it all they want. The moment they do so, the have sundered the pact.

The Mortal's Side:

The mortal likewise has to have faith in the fallen and follow the agreements of the pact. Unlike the demon's half of the pact, failure to comply is a slower affair because the decision is in the hands of the soul and of the subconscious mind. Conscious rebellion is fine and dandy, but the deeper parts of the thrall believe even more strongly. You cannot rebel from what you do not believe in. No, the mortal's part of the bargain can deteriorate over time. When a thrall begins to lose faith and acts contrary to their half of the agreement, the fallen can sense this failure most keenly. While the faith still funnels in, it seems somehow impotent and flawed. Perhaps it is due to this fact that mortal society and mythology say that a pact is eternal. Few masters will permit such disrespect to occur, and ravaging has a miraculous ability to rekindle devotion in the soul-whipped thrall.

Faith Rotting on the Vine:
If this deterioration is left unchecked, after a couple of months the thralls would make a faith roll (diff 7, similar to Damned & Deceived pg 84) with success resulting in a dot of faith potential going fallow. Naturally, one dot of thrall enhancements goes along with it, disappearing due to the fraying bond. That process continues every couple of months until either they are convinced to mend their ways or every dot of their faith potential which had been used in the pact has gone fallow. At that point, the pact has frayed to nothing and the thrall is free. Well, the minute percentage whom don't get ravaged till they chose between devotion and death.
*Note, the above section is a non-canon houserule which is the perfect excuse to exercise the golden rule

Cutting them Loose
For the Master, it is far easier to break the pact. It is a mere act of will to free the mortal from the agreement, taking away all of the thrall enhancements and losing all supernatural benefits of the relationship. Why would this be done though? What possible good would come of freeing a potentially useful resource? There are a few reason which might bring such a situation to occur.
*Protecting the mortal from the enemies of the fallen
*Preventing a dying thrall from becoming a Wraith (as thralls tend to do)
*Allowing a allied fallen into the mortal's body (Useful ST trick; thralldom is a new players trial period)
*Renegotiation of a pact, be annulling the old and forging a new one out of it's ashes.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas and insights into the nature of the pact, the thrall and the master's leach.

Good book fro D:tF Fans
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http://www.sniegoski.com/fallen.html Quite well written and it portrays several elements of the game quite well.

Hello I'm new!
Hi every one :D I'm a graphic designer, I love almost all the wod games but most are a bit kill kill and if it moves kill it, thats why I like demon the fallen (I'm also fan of Changeling but its hard to find people to play it... guys really don't like fairies)  any way I just stoped to say hello, hum by the way I'm writing a fic abouth one of My characters I would post it when is ended


Free Book: Ashes and Angelwings
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Free book, enjoy the great D:tF fiction. :)


Songs for the Fallen
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I made a some cd's for my Demon players, each one specifically designed to compliment thier characters and the backstories inherent. If anyone would like to have a look at the composition and the histories that inspired them, please feel welcome to do so. Im only making an offsite link since i don't want to reformat the entire bloody thing.


Infernal Ottawa

Character advice
Hi! My name's Epsereth and I'm a female player new to Demon.

My character is a Luciferan Scourge, with the Lores of Awakenings and Spirits (one dot in the latter), 5 points in Legacy, and most other points in Healing-related and evasion abilities. Clearly, my character is not a fighter - he is a grizzled, cantankerous old biker, who reminds my Storyteller of a cross between the old guy in Blade and Sean Connery. I am teamed with two guys who don't seem to get the concept of Demon as a more intellectual game, and they're going at it with a Hack 'n' Slash attitude. Our Storyteller is very good and, while rewarding, he is also very ruthless. He is using my character as a plot mover, but realizing that the other members of my team are slow on the uptake, he is about to kill my character as an incentive for them to get it right. They are not.

Here is the situation my game as it stands:
In the last session, the other two players - a Devourer and a Defiler, both Reconcilers - spent a great deal of time blasting away at an Earthbound with guns and grenades, ignoring the fact that this particular Earthbound was impervious to that kind of damage. I spent most of two hours trying to avoid the 30-foot tall beast and healing his massive damages to my teammates. All this time, we were attempting to keep the Monstrosity in the fog-veiled vacinity of L.A.'s warehouse district and out of the adjacent residential district.

In the end, I had one teammate blind the Earthbound with hail and orchestrated collapsing a large warehouse on it, with the assistance of a local ghost. I then used every available Faith- and Willpoint to poison a teammate's arrow, and convinced him to expend a Willpoint to shoot the Earthbound in the eye. Having killed the thing, we were informed by the Reconciler Nuriel that an hour from now, an immensely powerful and corrupted Demon named Spentumenu - I never did an Awareness check on him because he'd previously posed as an ally, although I am thinking he is either a Devil or a very suave Devourer - is about to use his hundreds of thralls to help him trap and consume the souls of every Demon in L.A.

Being a Scourge, I do not wish to harm the thralls. I have devised a plan to distribute a mortal-specific sleeping disease by way of the sprinkler system of Spentumenu's skyscraper, thereby only accumulating one point of Torment. However, because I have no more available Faith or Willpower, if my teammates do not get this battle right I am going to die. I am a Martyr, but that will not save me in the end, and I have no desire whatsoever to restart the character-building process on any level. I like my character too much.

Does anyone have any suggestions for strategy?

Thanks, God!
So I bet some of you are thinking, "gee, that Father Ramos site sure was cool. Too bad it's gone." Or perhaps "I wish I had known about Father Ramos before the site went down, so I could show people the errors of roleplaying."

Of course, it was the evil lawyers of The White Wolf Game Studio Publishing and the Catholic Church who shut down Father Ramos. But fear not, for the Lord provideth! You can now see a mirror of the site (including the popular Demonic Deviltry tract mirrored here: father-ramos.com

Lore of the Trunk Monkey
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Brought to you by Rev_fuggit

Month of the Fallen: Week 1 Banner
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SnE Month of the Fallen

Over at www.shadownessence.com we are hosting a month focused on Demon: the Fallen. Please feel welcome to join us for the celebrations.

Welcome to the Darkness
Welcome to Shadownssence


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